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Get a Lyft with The Pink List

Need a ride to an upcoming appointment or surgery? The Pink List has you covered!


Applications are reviewed on the second to last Monday of each month.

Pink Rides Program.png

Application Criteria​

  • Must be a current breast cancer patient (proof will be required) 

  • Rides can be requested for the following month 

  • All Lyft requests must be within the United States 

  • Lyfts and gas cards are only for medical and treatment-related appointments 

    • Rider must provide verification for all appointments

    • If requesting a gas card, the applicant must provide the driver’s information

  • Proof of income will need to be provided

Application Process

  • Applications will be reviewed on the second to last Monday of each month.

  • Coordinators will select recipients based on: 

    • Length of program usage

    • Ride frequency per week 

    • Travel cost (daily and total) 

    • Income 

  • Recipients will be notified via email or phone with the following steps.

  • Coordinators will work with recipients on finalizing their ride schedule

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