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Pink Kits

Our Pink Kits are made for cancer patients currently undergoing chemotherapy to help with the side effects of treatment. This is one of our key areas of focus here at The Pink List, and a source of much success for our Non-Profit Organization.

Need a Pink Kit for you or a loved one? Request one using the link below!

Each Pink Kit includes:

  • Headwrap

  • Hat 

  • Pink fuzzy socks

  • Unscented moisturizer 

  • Nausea drops

  • Activities (word puzzles, Sudoku, etc.)

  • Lip balm

  • Pink journal and pen

  • Herbal tea bags

Woman holding a pink ribbon as an awareness of Breast Cancer Day, October, 1, 2020._edited

Sponsor a Pink Kit!

Help ease the journey for a breast cancer patient. 

  • $5 can help purchase socks, a hat, or a notebook

  • $10 provides a pink tote for their appointments

  • $20 covers a complete Pink Kit

Care Cards

Our care cards are meant to inspire and encourage hope and healing for men and women facing breast cancer.  No matter whom you write, your words will bring hope to those that need it the most!

Below are some helpful tips and a few ideas to help you write your own letter of encouragement.

Things to try to avoid
• Don’t focus on cancer, focus on the person.
• Don’t’ focus on past or present, focus on the future.
• Don’t place blame on the patient.
• Eliminate harsh words.

Encouragement examples:
• I’m sending lots of love and encouragement to you.
• You’re not alone.
• Count on me as a friend.
• You’re brave and strong and loved.
• Sending hugs.
• You have me as a supporter

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